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My name is Teresa Torres 

Phone number 504 941-2226

Garyville la 70051

We will meet at a business that for years, is incorporated and  where there is surveillance for both our saftey. With a copy machine. 

Also so i can copy the registration, with your information. For my records. As well as if i need to tell you anything. MAINLY FOR MY RECORDS. 

If you would like to see the puppies and parents, where we live. We can Video Chat, to do so you must first text or call and get a confirmed time. It doesnt have to be to far in advance. 504-913-8022 Text or Faster response Call.  I will make a time so we can video meet. If I am ubable when I answer. 

First go to your phone. 

Then on your phone 

Go to your Google play store. Download Google Meet. We will video chat on Google meet. Make a appointment to video chat with puppys.

Puppys are ready to go home now.

Facebook pages or Cavapoo puppies Teresa Torres facebook page  and Registered Toy Poodle Shihpoo CKC Teresa Torres facebook page.

Puppy butts Teresa Torres facebook page

Smart puppys Teresa Torres  puppies facebook page

Teresa Torres the photo below is my Facebook photo page.

HELLO, I am Teresa Torres the breeder.
HELLO, I am Teresa Torres the breeder.

About me

  1. We live in LOUISIANA 

We are a happy family. 

Find your new family member here that bring you years and of safety and health and most love and compassion from our choices, that learn quickly, and fast to obey, with our smart puppys. I have only recieved positive feedback concerning their smarts and learning capablity.  These breeds that have been there for me in the worst time in my life and turned it into the best time and trying to help others that suffer with brain injurys. CAVPOOS OR USED FOR THERAPY DOGS FOR CHILDREN WITH BRAIN INJURYS AND ELDERLY WIITH DEMENTIA.  So we or working with 1 now in training. To be able to assist for those needs. They have to attend 36 classes and pass 2 state test after each 6 weeks of class pass that test as well. So it is a process.  Therapy dog is right under a service dog. Those that qualify the government pays for the price of dog and food and vet care  which the price is 30,000 to 80,000. 

Will meet at a public family corporation business PETE'S BODY SHOP INC. you can find on Google.  I hope we can find your new family member here at smart choice puppy butts. 😁🙄😇😀🐕‍🦺💘

Facebook pages or Cavapoo puppies and Registered TOY POODLE SHIHPOOS PUPPIES CKC 

More videos and photos.