My choice puppy butt crew

My choice puppy butt crew

They are my furry kids

ABOUT US:  Me and the dogs  we were recently always together.  Till recently, some changes.      I am  against just breeding dogs with no relationship or no time spent with the dog. That is cruel. They get no love and that is legal somehow. I do find it cruel and its in- humane. That is wrong.  This is not how my dogs will be treated ever. This is how all the dogs get to spend time with me as well as special attention as well as rewards such as special food. Which js costly when having more than one dog. So this is how the public will know before a puppy becomes there own and where they come from.   This home/facility  does operate as the follwing which explains our excersise program as well as how this comes about and our routines.  That we must go threw to bring your puppy that is not a inbreed, and is with a registered vet examined and Dna on planned litters,  which came about because of how smart the parents were. As well as the  beauty of the parents.  because of the traits that are very quick learners and shocking intelligence and obdience of the ones owned that started  the breeding program. In which or still in the program. Really thanks  to my poodle. He is in all of the breeds. He would been disquified due to his mask face for competition, but breeders often use them because of their smarts. This is true especially for Rex. I see a little of him in all of them. Example:  My poodle knew not to run off and follow the big pack of dogs at the time. I ran to see and to find him  nervously tapping his 2 front paws sitting in the yard by the spot they escaped from.  My dachshund, that were not trainned properly. Rex the Poodle is a good smart dog. How did he know that not to follow? He was not a adult but not a puppy. almost a year or maybe over a year. It made me google his looks and that is when I found the mask information.. My Shihpoo the white one. PARIS  she is loved, she was not as smart . Her and Rex had a litter, a runt that is now named, London the shihpoo she is the  dam, of the litter i have now.  The sire to produce her was Rex,she is SMART SHIHPOO. compared to the dam, that was used to produce her. Paris the shihpoo that is beautiful is now spaded.  LONDON IS SMART DUE TO THE POODLE. SHE IS THE DAM TO THE CURRENT LITTER NOW FEB. 8, 2024 the litter is  6 weeks. The sire of the litter. He was in therapy dog school. Due to his capacity to learn  obdience, he is smart as well as super sweet thanks to my smart  BIG TIME SWEET LOVING, King Charles Spaniel AKC. So that is what is added to the Shihpoo & Cavapoo breed A Cavapoo that was is in therapy dog training school.  We took break beacause the time I needed to be with the litters. We will continue. That breed has KING CHARLES  ADDED TO TOY POODLE SHIH TZU ADDS KING CHARLES from a CAVAPOO IN THERAPY School.Because he is SMART AND LOVING AND OBDIENT. HE WAS ALSO THE RUNT.GIVING ME TEA CUPS MY 2 RUNTS. THIS IS THE SIRE OF THE LITTER NOW WITH THE SHIHPOO. THERE IS A VIDEO ON FACEBOOK HER PUPPY FROM FIRST LITTER, I TAUGHT TO SIT IN MINUTES,  THIS IS A BREED FOR THOSE THAT WANTS A DOG TO HUG.TO HOLD. PERFECT AND LITTLE BUT SMART. WHICH MAKES THE SHIHPOO BETTER. MORE LOVABLE ADAPTABLE WITH CAVAPOO IN IT.ITS ADDS A  KING CHARLES.MAKES THEM BETTER. ITS AMAZING. THIS IS HER 2ND LITTER AS WELL AS FIRST TEA CUP SIZES. THEY WERE  SMART AND MOST LOVING DOGS.SO MUCH MORE THAN A SHIHPOO.THEY WILL LET YOU KNOW IF SOMEONE IS NEAR .NORMAL AS ANY OTHER. SMART ONES IN BREEDING PROGRAM,   SMART AS MINI DOTSON. HE IS SMART, UNFORTUNATLY IS SPADED. HE IS STILL WITH ME.  I had to separate other males at all times now.  Males and female. We rotate,like when the females are in heat. We just will continue this way.   1 week females inside with me we have seperate yard for them as well. The next week the males. With 45 mins every day out the kennel area which is a big room with cement and seperate beds food, matress dog beds, toys, bones, these dogs eat well when have to be seperated,  from our normal, always togther unless a heat on calender.  NOW WE WILL STAY SEPERATED AND ROATING THE GENDERS, & AGE, BREED, SIZE. CONTINUE TO READ OUR ROUTINES, WE ALSO HAVE A small yard, BESIDES THE KENNEL, to go into at all times. They DO  get 45 minutes A DAY TO RUN  FREE IN A VERY  LARGE OPEN AREA. WE ALSO HAVE A PATIO WITH YARD ATTACHED TO IT. THIS IS NOT THE BIG OPEN YARD TO RUN IN.  NOTE: ALL DOGS, MALE, FEMALE, PUPPYS COME INDOOR TO SLEEP, COLD, HOT, RAIN ETC.  THEY HAVE CLIMATE CONTROL SUCH HEATER, AIR CONDITION, FAN, ROOF WALLS, STILL THEY COME INDOORS IF THE WEATHER NOT SAFE. RATHER THEM CLOSE THEN SERPERATED, WE HAVE ROUTINE NOW THEY HAVE SEPERATE KENNELS INDOOR NOW IF WE ALL INDOOR, LIKE AT NIGHT.   THE GENDER THAT IS IN ROATION, TO BE AWAY FROM ME, THAT WEEK, THEY EAT VERY GOOD, DIFFERNT FROM BEING WITH ME.  A yummy dinner, chicken rice and veggie.  We rotate, 1 week females, next week males. Yes I  can seperate the 2 genders and not have any with me. I have  if need to. I am able. I choose to have them with me. Sometimes I split the females  older or I rotate  who stays with me and the others females at appointed location. ALL IS ON MY PROPERTY.  So we can have more hands on 1 on 1 time with me.  This is when we practice, learning, commands, grooming, fetch. or sometimes just hangs out while I am working.  They accompany me while I enjoy breakfast and favorite tv show, sometimes to take a ride to a store as well as occasional, giving turns,  accomanys me, visit family  morning, If females I may rotate the size, or ones that need grooming etc.  the others while enjoying playing freely in the yard they also  have  my afternoons with me. then at night we are all under 1 roof. The gender that is in roation sleep in their kennels  While the others sleep with me. Sometimes all may use kennels to sleep. Usually never. Always have one near me. During business hours the gender that is in away from me is in  large kennel  with a yard attached to it. climate control, away from the opposite sex. I am writing this to explain my breeding schedule.  These or not anmials that are only for brreding. They are my family. THAT GETS LOVE  ATTENTION, GOOD MEALS. THIS IS HOW WITH A FEW 2 MALES AND FEW FEMALES. SO THEY DONT MISS OUT ON WHAT THEY WOULD RECEIVE IF THE ONLY DOG. PREVENTING OVERWHELMING MYSLEF. THIS ROUNTINE HELPS. It breaks my heart to be away from the males or females. But that must be done. This is not how my dogs will be treated ever, my  home/facility will or does operate as the follwing which explains our excersise program. PRODUCING LOVED VERY MUCH AND ALL OR NEEDED IN MY DAILY LIFE. THEY ARE APART OF MY LIFE. NOT ABOUT BREEDING PURPOSES. THE CAMPIONSHIP. I DO HAVE A FEW ANMIALS THAT IS SPADED. I CAN NOT PART FROM THEM. PRODUCING QUALITY VERY SMART BEAUTIFUL CKC DOGS AND SOME WITH AKC PAPERS. AS WELL AS cavapoos are used for service dogs. Kids with brain injurys and older people with demina, That is because they have the smarts of a poodle. The heart of King Charles. That is what is added to the Cavapoo Shihpoo breed. My king charles is smart as well as big heart. Why these dogs are used for service anmials.  My dogs all are vet checked and all currently up to date on shots  and montly heartworm prevention.  When my females or pregnant. I spray the yard and dwelling for the prevention of what the flea meds would prevent. So they are protected. As a mom of a human or anmial. Love will naturally worries. So those that call and lost a beloved pet. Can understand my worry. Somehow I know it will be ok. As well as  Taken proper nessary steps to be sure as possible. So I must have faith and trust God as well as constant prayer. Thanks for reading and understanding or trying to understand   appreciate it very much.  choice Teresa Torres  & furry baby butts and their  puppy butts, they bring into the world  That hopefully brings your family and or just you happiness   peace, joy  love, and life worth living at time.  Thanks to 1 of the choice puppy butt.  Thanks again, sincerely, 

Teresa T.

Thanks for your time to read 

Now that we are sperate  new photos coming soon.

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